Sunday, December 9, 2012

The last hurrah

My expectations for the course were much different than the experienced, but the course was enjoyable nonetheless. I really learned quite a bit in this course, the take aways that were most important for me were the gift exchange/favors within organizations, hub vs. edge decision making, and mode 1 and 2 styles of leadership.
As for the structure of the course I always appreciate it when class is more of a discussion but because the material was fairly new to most individuals the students struggled at times to participate.
The blogging was a new experience for me and I definitely enjoyed writing many of the topics. It is a part of the course that should definitely be one of the core parts of the class in the future. I would have liked for them to be even more regular because they help with familiarity and understanding of new topics.
I would have liked to see more discussion during class which could be helped with a different style of classroom. I would have also like a lot more discussion of the mathematical concepts or maybe an opportunity to work through problems together in class.
One last thing that we can really use more of are the stories and real world examples of topics in class. I really enjoyed hearing and sharing experiences.

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  1. Thanks for the comments. The blogging, for one, is something you could do after the class concludes without it being required in some other course. So a more general question is what needs to be required and what might students do on their own?